What Roach Killer Works Best ?

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Due to popularity of disturbance caused by the cockroaches, there are a lot of variations of roach killer products could be found nowadays. There are baits, poisons, spray which could be used to control the infestations of cockroaches in the house or your nearby environments. Well, the best way of controlling this pest is just to make sure that your house is clean and hygiene at all times so the cockroaches would not be interested in visiting and make themselves at home at your property.

But what if the manifestation is already begun and the cockroaches have already built their nest within your property? Then you would need to take the “Extermination” action for the cockroaches. This article would cover a few variations of cleaning method to get rid of the cockroaches. These are the variation of cockroach killers which could be procured nowadays:

The Raid

The raid has been known as the potent and effective pest poison which break down the cockroach central nervous systems, poisoning the cockroach digestive tract and systems, and leaving the powerful odor which is hated by those pest that could last for an entire week.


Another Cockroach Controlling product which is known to be able to exterminate some hordes of cockroaches. Place them in the place where the cockroaches tend to make their lovely home. After the cockroach walk on the Borax gel, they would try to remove the gel with every method including decapitate parts of their body which are clinging to their body parts.

Electronic Cockroach Killer

This cockroach killer product is usually used for the large food business which need to maintain strict regulations towards the hygiene of the production environment. Therefore, the food company need to entitle the best applicable and most effective solution for the production. The electronic cockroach killer are devices such as the Ultrasonic device, Electromagnetic device, and the Radio Frequency pest control devices. Those devices each have their own way of exterminating the cockroaches. Ultrasonic device disrupts the cockroach mating process by emitting certain frequencies which could only hear by the cockroaches. Thus, stopping the reproduction process of the cockroaches. The electromagnetic device on the other hand is stopping the cockroach by creating irregularities in the electromagnetic field. This would create a repellant in the area which would prevent the cockroach and other pests from entering the designated area.