Roach Poison Effects on Humans

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What are roach poison effects on human? Of course, it depends on the ingredients used to produce the poison mixture. Bu undeniably, when you use the manufactured roach poisons, almost 90% of the ingredients are chemical substance. Therefore, you must be very careful while using it as well as following the instructions given. If you are not, here are some side affects you may suffer.

Skin Irritation

This problem is probably not experienced by all people. But for the prevention, you must cover your skin like by wearing gloves and mask before spraying the roach killers. Some common problems caused by the direct exposure of roach poison are mild skin irritation, itch, rash and even burnt. Therefore, once you are radiated by the poison, make sure to watch the skin as soon as possible before it gives any reaction. Then, for further medication after certain reactions appeared, use anti-allergic cream or go to a trusted doctor to let the rash stop enlarging.

Eye Irritation

Other stuff you must wear every time killing the roaches using poisons. They are goggles. The reason is clear; it is to not let the mist of roach poison spray to encounter your eyes. The effects are quite terrible anyway in which your eyes can be red and puffy. It may also feel itchy and painful due to the chemical substance is swirled and touching your eyes’ surface. The first aid after experiencing this problem is by flushing the eyes with saline water or eye drops. Avoid rubbing your eyes even if it feels so itchy and not comfortable. If the irritation is occurred and even getting worse, you may go to the optometrist to check up your conditions.

Respiratory Problems

Somehow, the mist of roach poison spray is mixed with the air and you accidentally breathe on it. The effects commonly experienced are cough, pain around respiratory areas, mild poisoned, and others. Make sure to go outside after the poison is inhaled to find fresh air and don’t put your hands anywhere near the mouth and nose. If it doesn’t get well, go to the doctor or hospital to find further treatment. You probably already have any respiratory disorder before this. For such a case, it means you are not allowed to poison the roach by yourself since it is really risky for your health.

So, be sure to practice safety before spraying the poison. Besides, keep the children away from the areas to be poisoned to avoid any roach poison effects on human.