Roach Killer with Boric Acid

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Boric acid is known as a very effective roach killer. Now, let’s find out more about how to use it and why it can be used to solve roach infestation problem.

Why Use Boric Acid

Even though boric acid is classed as insecticide, it doesn’t pose any dangers for human. Furthermore, unlike the other insecticides in the market, little pests like roaches will not be able to grow immune from it. As a result, you can always use boric acid to kill roaches.

Boric acid kills roach by damaging its exoskeleton and make it dehydrates, which eventually will be the cause of its death. The best thing about boric acid is it is not only a roach killer, but also a great solution for roach infestation. This is because when the roach comes in contact with the boric acid, it will not immediately die. The roach will still be able to go around and even go into its nest. Since the boric acid will stick to the roach’s legs and body, when the roach go to its nest, it also will bring the boric acid along with it, killing its eggs in the process.

How to Use Boric Acid to Kill Roaches

To use this roach killer effectively, please follow these following instructions.

  1. Boric acid comes in powder form and you can use it immediately just like that. Mix boric acid and sugar and then sprinkle it in the areas where roaches are commonly found. Sugar is used to attract the roaches.
  2. You also can turn the boric acid into paste so that it can stick more easily to the roaches’ legs and bodies. To turn it into paste, mix 2 teaspoons of water, boric acid and sugar and then apply the paste in the place the roaches frequent.
  3. Whether you use the boric acid in powder or paste form, it is important to make sure that you don’t put too much. If you put too much, the roaches will think that the boric acid is just an obstacle on its way. As a result, instead of walking on it, the roaches will avoid it.
  4. Simply wait until the roaches die. Normally, the roaches will die between two or three days after their first contact to boric acid.

Boric acid is indeed a great roach killer. However, the roaches can still come back if your home has poor hygiene. So, make sure to always keep your house clean so that you don’t have to worry about roach infestation ever again.