Roach Killer with Borax

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If you are currently looking for a cheap yet effective roach killer, borax is the answer. It is very easy to use and will kill the roaches at your house in no time.

Borax as Effective Roach Killer

Borax and boric acid is basically the same. So, if you have ever used boric acid, you will not find any difficulties in using borax to kill roaches. Borax can kill roach effectively because it has drying effect to the roach body. It will make the roaches dehydrated and eventually die. If you find roaches infestation at your house, borax is a great solution for it. This is because the borax will keep sticking to the roaches’ bodies and legs even when they have walked away from the borax applied surfaces. As a result, the roaches will bring back the borax to their nest which will lead to more deaths.

How to Kill Roaches with Borax

If you want to make sure that this roach killer can get rid of the roaches at your house effectively, please pay attention to these following steps.

  1. When you are planning to get rid of roach infestation, it is important to clean your house first. Make sure there are no leftover foods at the floor so that the roaches will go straight to the borax. Furthermore, since borax will dehydrate the roaches, make sure that there is no water on places that the roaches can access to speed up the death process.
  2. Mix borax and sugar with 1 to 1 ratio. Borax is a roach killer but it doesn’t have the aroma that roaches like. Therefore, we need to add sugar to attract the roaches to the location of the borax.
  3. Sprinkle the borax in various places, especially in the kitchen and places where you often found roaches. Make sure to apply in moderate amount. If you want to avoid mess, you can put the mixture inside a har.
  4. You also can make borax paste by mixing borax, sugar and water. The effect will just be the same with borax powder so simply choose one you find the most convenient.
  5. Borax will make the roaches die in bright places or in the middle of the room. So wait until the roaches start to die and you can clean them easily.
  6. After using borax as roach killer, make sure to keep your house clean so that there will be no new roaches enter your house. you also can use some natural repellents like lemon or chrysanthemum.