Roach Killer Spray Products – Effective Solutions

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Getting rid of roaches is number one issue faced by many homeowners. Perhaps, you are now dealing with the same issue. In this case, roach killer spray is often used as an effective solution to bring back peace into the house.

What Makes Spray Effective

Many of you may wonder what makes the spray so effective compared to other kinds of products. There are two main reasons behind this fact, it is easy to get and to use. As it works by contact, it doesn’t take too long to kill the roaches. Even the natural spray is as effective as chemical spray. Given with this magic spray to get rid of roaches issues in your home, your only job is to find the right and most effective spray product at the local stores.

Bengal Gold Spray

Bengal Gold is regular in any local stores. This popular spray can create roach-free home within short time. However, it is not a regular or pet-safe spray as it contains chemical substance known as Nylar which regulates the insects growth. Yet, it makes a very effective spray that it makes sure your house will be free of any roaches for months and years. It offers some advantages like having no sticky residue, able to stop any new roach infestation and to prevent the roaches from laying their eggs

Ortho Home Defense Spray

This product has one particular feature which makes it a better option for roaches, the battery-powered wand. Yes, this wand allows homeowners to reach tight spaces and eliminate both roaches and their eggs without any significant problem. This way, the roach problem will be fully eliminated from your house. Other great features offered by this product include 12 month protection guarantee and barrier against bugs in order to limit the return of the roaches and other bugs.

Hot Shot Killer Spray

There is nothing better than having a house free of any insects and pests especially roaches. This time, the great product comes into Hot Shot killer. This particular product will not only kill the roaches and other bugs but also wipe away their secretions. This means, the pheromones or bad smell caused by roaches will fully be neutralized.

Moreover, there are more advantages being offered including long lasting toxicity for up to 12 weeks and floral scent instead of chemical residue. Therefore, your house will not only be roaches-free but also have wonderful smell.