Roach Killer Powder

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Many people prefer to use roach killer powder because it is very simple to use and also easy to clean. Some of the most effective products to kill roach also come in powder form.

Advantages of Roach Killer Powder

Killing roaches can be very challenging. Using store-bought spray insecticides is not recommended because roaches can grow immune to those products. Furthermore, when you use spray insecticides, you can only kill the roaches that you managed to spray. If your house is infested by roaches, using that kind of insecticides is not really effective.

If your goal is to get rid of roach infestation, then powder product is the best option. This is because powder roach killer doesn’t immediately kill the roaches. The roaches will still be alive for two or three days, which allow them to go back to their nests. When the roaches come in contact with the powder, the powder will stick to their bodies. In result, when those roaches go back to their nest, they are basically bring the poison back to their home, killing their eggs and other roaches they come in contact with in the process.

Furthermore, powder product is also relatively safer compared to spray products. As long as you apply the powder carefully and make sure it is out of reach of kids and pets, powder roach killing products are virtually non-toxic and harmless.

Some of the Most Effective Roach Killing Powder

When it comes to roach killer powder, boric acid is the most popular. It is considered as pesticide so it is effective to kill roach. However, despite of the fact that boric acid is a pesticide, studies show that it is no more dangerous than table salt. It works by blocking the pores of the cockroach, making them dehydrated.

Besides boric acid, there are some other roach killing powder that you can give a try. The first one is pyrethrin dust. It is made of Chrysanthemum and just like boric acid, very effective in solving roaches infestation. Pyrethrin has a great effect because it combines the natural roach repellent character of Chrysanthemum with some chemicals that are known to be effective roach killer.

If you want to use something safer than boric acid and pyrethrin, you can try food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Basically the application of DE is the same with the first two powders. However, DE will lose its effect if it is exposed to water. So, if you want to use it, you need to keep the area dry.