Roach Killer Pet Safe Free From Chemicals

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That moment when you notice a roach inside your house is the moment when you immediately are committed to do anything it takes to get rid of it. Yet, there is something you should consider, your pet. Take action as soon as possible is crucial before the roach infestation gets bad and takes over your home. But always remember that pets are vulnerable to certain substances especially when it comes to pesticides. So, finding the best roach killer pet safe is your best option because you certainly don’t want to put your families at danger.


Organic Spray

Going organic is one of the best decisions to eradicate roach problem and protect your lovely pets at the same time. Today, it’s easy to find quality organic roach killer spray at the local stores. What makes it a great product is no harmful chemicals are contained in this spray. So, it is mostly safe for the pets. At the same time, despite being organic, the spray is effective to kill roaches and some of them are even better compared to regular sprays at the stores. Moreover, there is one more advantage. It doesn’t leave any residue following the usage which makes it a good option for environment too.


Sugar and Baking Soda

This mixture involves sugar and baking soda. It may sound weird but is actually effective to kill the roaches. Sugar is used as bait to attract the roaches. And as the roaches digest the sugar containing baking soda, their digestive system will be disrupted due to baking soda. In the end, they will die in only a few minutes.


Petroleum Jelly

Do you want to go with natural treatment? Well, if you have enough time, you can actually make the treatment yourself to get rid of the roach problem. The first solution is petroleum jelly. If you are new to this, you are not alone. It actually works like a glue that traps the roaches so they couldn’t get out and finally die.

What you need to do is to prepare a jar and fill it with coffee, tea, or fruit juice. Next, smear jelly on the jar. The fruit juice will attract the roaches. And as they try to get inside the jar by climbing, they will be trapped due to the jelly and meet their death in the end as they cannot get out. However, this roach killer pet safe is not effective if you deal with high traffic of roaches.