Roach Killer Electronic Product Effectiveness Review

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How effective is roach killer electronic? Unlike other pest control products, this one comes in the form of electronic control device which is claimed to be as effective as spray and powder. Some people prefer this product given the fact it doesn’t come with any sticky powders or gels to disperse. Moreover, it is easier to use as it only needs to be plugged in.

How It Works

At the local stores, there are two electronic pest repellents types available. The first type works by radiating the ultrasonic radio waves from transmitter while the second type alters electromagnetic frequencies. However, like most other electronic repellents, both two types don’t kill the roaches but irritating and driving them into motion instead. Therefore, most people consider this pest control device not very effective especially for severe case of pest manifestation.

Effectiveness of Roach Killer Electronic

The electronic roach killer devices are claimed to be largely ineffective according to the scientific information despite of the claims by the manufacturers. For particular roach infestations, this device even doesn’t provide any result other than driving the roaches from one area to another area inside the home. That’s why most people still prefer the traditional roach killer solutions like gel bait, spray and boric acid powder to eliminate the roach populations.

Roach Killer Electronic Products

Despite being not very effective to get rid of roaches, some of them are still loved by the customers. The list of the highest selling roach control device includes:

  1. iCooker Electronic Repellent

This is an ultrasonic device which comes with 3 LEDs and is powered from outlet. It most open spots, is it recommended because furniture and other similar obstacles may block ultrasonic signal. According to the customers’ review, it is also a good electronic repellent for other pests like ants and mice. However, as the name suggests, it doesn’t kill the roaches, it repels them instead.

  1. Loskii Ultrasonic Repellent

This repellent also uses ultrasonic to repel the roaches. It imitates the male mosquito predator frequency to drive away the roaches from certain areas. Like other electronic devices, it is non toxic, harmless and safe to both animals and humans. Of course, it doesn’t leave any chemical reside so it is deal for camping, barbecue, fishing and home travel.

The roach killer electronic may not be as effective as traditional roach killers but it is still worth to buy and use if you deal with only a few roaches inside the house.