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If you want to find a safe roach killer that can be easily used, you can take a look at Combat products. Let’s find out some of its greatest roach killing products.

What Is Combat Roach Killer?

Combat is one of the best insecticide products to kill ants and roaches. Different with most insecticides in the market that can be dangerous for humans and pets, Combat products are non-toxic for humans and pets. It will not pose any harm to humans and pets alike, as long as it is used properly.

Natural roach killer is very popular because it is much safer compared to factory made insecticides. However, not everyone will have times to spare to mix one home ingredient with the other to create remedies to kill roach. Combat is the answer for that problem. Combat products can be used immediately without any complicated preparations. It is perfect for those who need effective, safe and simple products to kill roaches.

Combat Products that You Can Use to Kill Roaches

Combat has several different roach killing products. Here are some of the best that you might want to use.

  • Killing Bait

It is safe to say that Combat’s killing bait is the company’s most popular roach killer. This product contains an insecticide called Fipronil, which is effective to kill German cockroaches for 12-months. It is very easy to use and it also will not make any mess. You simply need to place the bait station in areas where you spot roaches the most, such as behind the toilets or under the refrigerators. The roaches will then approach the bait station and eat the bait that contains Fipronil. When they go back to their nest, the roaches will bring the insecticides with them, which will kill their peers and eggs as well.

  • Killing Bait Strips

This product is similar with the first one. However, it comes in the form of strips. To use it, simply attach the strip to areas the roaches frequent. After that, the roaches will eat the Fipronil bait and take it to their nests.

  • Killing Foam

This roach killer is very easy to use because the only thing you need to do is to spray it to the areas that roaches frequent. Since it comes in the form of foam, you will be able to see where you spray. However, when the foam dries, it will not leave any stains on the surface. Once you have sprayed the foam, that area will be protected from roaches for 10 months.