Roach Killer at Iowes – List of Top Products

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Planning to go to Iowes to find solution for your roach problem? The roach killer at Iowes definitely makes the best option to choose. It can be in the form of spray, powder or tablet. Any of them are effective as they are made of effective ingredients. Here, we have listed few best choices of roach killer product. Choose one and eliminate the roach in your home.


Bengal Roach Killer

Who doesn’t know Bengal, one of the best brands of pest control products. This particular product is specially crafted to eliminate the roaches and their infestations. This chemical based product is made of Permethrin which is known to be a very effective chemical to kill pests including roaches. However, it is not safe for pets and kids. It works by contact and kill the roaches instantly. Although it is made of chemicals, the company assures it is odorless and doesn’t leave any messy residue.


Hot Shot Killing Powder

Instead of coming into a spray, it comes as killing powder containing particular substance known as Borid Acid2. This substance is the key behind the effectiveness of Hot Shot. Not only is it effective but also long lasting and odorless. Once it comes into contact with roaches, it sticks onto their body and spreads to other areas that may be inhibited by the roaches. As a result, it kills more roaches.


However, since it contains chemicals, it is not safe for kids and pets. Therefore, make sure to apply the powder to areas inaccessible to them. It should not contaminate foods and other stuffs that may come into contact with kids and pets. Recommended areas for use include the crevices, cracks, behind dishwasher and other furniture and any corner inside the house especially the kitchen.


Advion Syngenta Get Bait

As the name suggest, this product comes in the form of gel bait offered in 4 tubes within one box. Its main ingredient is powerful MetaActiveTM, a high consumption gel used in many products. It is known as effective bait that can kill up to 10 roaches per application. It can be used both indoor and outdoor to give the best protection.


Raid Roach Killer Spray

Eliminating roaches will be easy with Raid roach killer spray. This powerful spray doesn’t only kill the roaches but also leaves pleasant odor. Its active ingredients include Cypermethrin and Imiprothrin so it Is not recommended for use in a home with pets and kids. Yet, it still makes a very effective and great-selling roach killer at Iowes.