Natural Roach Killer Borax

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Make your own roach killer borax that safe for your home and kids. All you need to make roach killer borax is borax and sugar. You can use granulated or powdered sugar.

Kill roaches with borax

Scientist said that roaches are able to survive from nuclear holocaust. Roaches are breed in rapidly; a female roaches able to hatches up to 40 eggs at one time. This means that you can soon overrun with roaches. The best and effective way for killing the roaches   is killing the eggs before it get hatch.  Why borax? Borax is naturally occurring from mineral that called with sodium tetraborate. This is ingredient that use in many commercial brands of cosmetics, cleaner and even toothpaste. Here is how to make roach killer with borax.

First, mix up borax batch with sugar in equal parts amount. Make it as paste and apply into places where roaches love to appear. You can find places such as under cabinets, under sink, baseboards, and many more. Re-apply the paste if you feel that it does not work as fast as you expect. There are many benefits that you can get when you use this mixing to kill roaches. It is cheap, free of fumes, and it also eco-friendly. Besides that, it also fast to react kills roaches and you will no need to pay much for pest control.

When you apply the mixture, use mask and not heal it all the times. Keep it from children and pets and store in places far from food prep areas. Borax will lose the effectiveness when it gets wet; therefore you need to keep it properly.  You also can use borax mixed with syrup or jelly. Syrup, sugar or jelly is use for attract roaches to come. When roaches consume borax, it will be digest to roaches and damage roaches digestive system and outer skeleton.

Natural Ways to Killing Roaches

If you concern with chemical ingredient in most of roaches killer, then you can make your own roach killer. This mix will help you to kill roaches but still safe in your home.

  • Baking soda paste.  You can make a paste of baking soda and it will poison the roaches slowly. Mix between baking soda, water and sugar in same parts amount.
  • Soap and water. Sometimes, simple mix between soap and water can be an effective killer for roaches. Take a cup of water into spray bottle and add a teaspoon liquid soap. As the roaches visible, spray the mixture to roaches. This will clog the roach’s pores so it cannot breathe and dies slowly.

If you feel that these two mixing homemade roaches killer is not work effectively as you expect, then you can try to use roach killer borax as stated before.