How to Use Baygon Roach Killer

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How to Use Baygon Roach Killer – Do you find it so confusing to kill the roach and other insects in your house? If yes, it seems that Baygon is a good answer. The formula is considered as safe for your family although it is effective to kill the roach. Meanwhile, the way to use it is very easy as well. Here are the steps.

Prepare Yourself

You should store the foods and ingredients on the refrigerator or other covered places. Although Baygon is safe enough, there are undeniably some chemical substances that are not good to contact your foods. Meanwhile, keep away children from the room. Next, wear gloves and goggles not to let the mist of spray to touch your skin and eyes. Yes, it can cause problems like irritation.

Shake Before Use

There is a possibility that the substances are accumulated on the ground of Baygon’s bottle. Therefore, make sure to shake it firstly to let it mixed well.

Apply to Surfaces Only

It is not a kind of mosquito killers in which you can spray it all around. For the better ways, make sure you have surveyed some areas in your house where the roaches are commonly appeared. The spots should be the only parts to be sprayed. Check also holes on the corners of wall since those are places where the roaches often hidden. So that Baygon can work more effectively, spray the surfaces until it is wet. Besides, avoid it to wet too much on certain materials like tile, rubber, plastic, and asphalt.

Wait For at Least 15 Minutes

It is better not to let your children enter the areas before 15 minutes to prevent them accidentally touching the areas with Baygon. The easiest indicator that the areas have been safe enough is when it is already dry.

Wash Your Hands

Although you have used safety clothing, make sure to wash your hands after spraying the roaches. Mainly, it is if you want to do activities dealt with kids or foods after that.

Repeat the Treatments

In some cases, only spraying the roach once is not enough. Next day, repeat the process until you are sure that there is no any disturbing roach anywhere. When it is already clean, it doesn’t mean you should stop this treatment at all. Repeat the process like once a week for a comfortable home free from roaches. More than that, it is effective enough to kill other insects that bring germ and bacteria.