How to Make Roach Killers Naturally

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Roaches are animals to be avoided since it presence tends to make us not comfortable. More than that, it brings germ and bacteria that can cause some diseases. Using manufactured killer is indeed effective. Unfortunately, the chemical substances contained are poisonous even for human. For this problem, why don’t you make your own roach killers with natural remedies ? How is it ?

Cucumber Peel

While making pickles, remain the peels to get rid of the roaches. Just put it on the aluminum tray and its combination gives bad smell for certain small animals including the roaches. Of course, you should put in on the areas where the roaches are commonly appeared. Besides, since this killer is 100% safe, it is not bad to put it on your dining table.

Soap and Ammonia

Well, here are some chemical substances that are killing for roaches but relatively safe for human. To make this mixture, it is quite easy. Just soak a small piece of soap in a glass of water. Then pour it with ammonia. You can just simply sprinkle the water into some areas with roaches or you can also use bottle spray. When there are holes as roach’s home, it seems much easier since the water can just be filled in the hole. It doesn’t need too much time to see the roaches are killed.

Lemon Peel

Similar to the cucumber peel, lemon peel is an enemy for many kinds of insects including the roach. There is a good thing from this killer; it smells good for human. How to use it anyway? it is so easy, just put the peel around roach’s home. Or, you can also rub it on those areas. To let the essence of lemon peel to spread on the roach’s area more effective, you can soak it in the water or even blend it. Put the lemon water in the bottle spray and use it to fill in the roach’s home. For the rest, just put it on the dining table and there will not be any roach that comes closer.

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves are other easy remedies to remove roaches. Interestingly, the way to use it is so easy in which you can just put it on certain spots to let the roaches fade away. To kill them completely, soak the leaves in the water and spray or fill it in the roach’s home. Of course, it is safe without any side effects for human. So, those are some simple ways how to make roach killers.