How Effective is Roach Ultrasonic Repellent

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The roach ultrasonic repellent works in the same way like other ultrasonic pest repellent. To be exact, it works by emitting high-frequency sounds which is designed to repel, kill and injure the pests. However, its effectiveness to eliminate roach problem is now still being disputed by the Federal Trade Commission and testing labs.


Roaches and other insects are considered not only despised but also dangerous animals as they can transmit virus and diseases like salmonella. And, they cause significant damage to the building especially the interior. It is not hard to find any roaches infestation. The most common signs include droppings beneath the sinks or near food, chewed food packages, bad odor and also holes in materials. According to the cases, roach infestation is among the hardest ones to eliminate that often happens in commercial kitchens, industrial and urban areas. Crevices and cracks are their ways to get into the house and do many damages.


How Ultrasonic Repellent Work

Now, let’s learn how this device actually works. The strategy is to use the ultrasound that its frequency is beyond the human hearing’s upper limit. Indeed, for the past centuries, audible sound has been used by the ancient Chinese to deter pests. Today, the sound has advanced into an ultrasound.


For the repellent to work, it must be plugged into the electrical receptacle outlet before it can emit the high frequency sound purportedly to disrupt and repel the pests. According to the test, this particular sound causes physiological response called audiogenic seizure response. The signs of the response include convulsions, non directional running and sometimes death due to cerebral hemorrhage. Among the customers, this device is popular because it is easy to use, doesn’t create any sound to human ears and considered safe as it doesn’t involve poison, traps and other dangerous chemical substances.


Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Repellent

With the particular design and way of work, many have still questioned the effectiveness of this device to actually eliminate the roach problem. According to the test in 2002, this device unfortunately is not very effective when it comes to repelling roaches. Instead, it is only effective at some small insects like crickets. In fact, the device doesn’t seem to give any effect at spiders and ants. Some successful cases may involve the roaches being repelled but not killed or injured. It means the device is not a fix solution to get rid of roaches infestation.