How Does Roach Killer Work?

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How does roach killer work? Roaches that are walking around at home are indeed annoying. To remove them, sometimes we don’t have any other ways except using roach killer. But then, have you ever wondered how it works? Then, is it also good enough and not dangerous for human? Here is the explanation.

Many Types of Roach Killers

Of course, before acknowledging how it works, you must learn at first about what kind of roach killers it is. There are basically many types of roach killers, there are in the form of sprays, gels, dusts, and sand baits. Among them, it is not clear which one that is safe and which one that is not. Of course, there must be some pros and cons anyway. Besides, manufactured roach killers must also contain chemical substances that are poisonous. Therefore, it can be dangerous for human also although only at the lowest levels.

Spray Killers

The most common roach killers are in the form of spray. The spray bottle contains of liquid and then the mist should be spread on the area with roaches only. Therefore, the poisonous liquid will only be focused on a certain area where the roaches. It gives two benefits at once. First, the roaches can be killed faster and the second, the mist will not spread anywhere too much so that it can be much safer for human. But still, during the usage, make sure to wear any safety clothing like goggles and gloves. Besides, store the meals into the covered storage like refrigerators to avoid the liquid will be swirling together with the air.

Other Types of Roach Killers

For other types of roach killers like gel and sand bait, the way to use it is a little bit different. Yes, you may concentrate the killer on the areas where the roaches are commonly live. For human, this method is considered safer than the spray. Why? Surely, it is because the chemical substance will always be there without going around through the air. Besides, since it is solid and accumulated only on certain spot, this type of roach killers is considered as faster and more effective in killing the roaches. However, this way seems not really practical. You must use your hand to directly touch the killer and it is somehow quite risky as well. Therefore, you should prepare it properly including wearing safety outfit like gloves. So, those are how roach killers work.